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*NEW* Buy Premium

Support RUGC by buying premium!

The Reddit Unofficial Gaming Community needs a lot of funding to pay for all of our servers around the world. Help pay for these costs and support our community by purchasing premium today!

When you buy premium, you will be able to have access to premium features in ALL of our RUGC/Reddit servers.

All of our donator/premium members are instantly recognized with the [DONATOR/PREMIUM] tag in-game. Members can also change the color of their name to any color of their choosing.


  • Ability to build 4 sentry guns.
  • Medic uber build starts at 50%.
  • Soldier rocket launchers can have up to 6 rockets at once.
  • Scouts have double the clip capacity in the scatter gun.
  • Scouts have up to 4 sandman balls at the same time.
  • Increased a 25% the fire rate with all weapons.
  • Demoman damage increased by 20% with 20% higher chance of critial hits.
  • 50HP Bonus for each kill.
  • Super jumps with all classes.
  • 20% increased movement.
  • Fall damage immunity.
  • Self damage immunity.


A premium subscription costs only $4.99/month or purchase a lifetime premium account for only $39.99!

At this time we only accept payments through PayPal and Bitcoin.


You will be instantly given premium features to your steam account upon payment completion.